Friday, April 24, 2009

What is this, the developer's version of The Onion?

I've started a new venture: Patently False. Tech headlines and gossip from the cutting edge of satire.

Here is an RSS feed and here is a Twitter feed.

The Story

CodeToJoy's model has been, vaguely, Calvin and Hobbes, with posts that range from the earnest to the absurd. Long-time readers can stay with me, and adjust easily as the sincerity scale changes.

However, I realize that it's difficult for newbies to pin down the vibe. The title of this post is a comment that was left on Reddit or DZone, months ago. For CodeToJoy, the answer is "it depends on the post".

Though my writing certainly doesn't compare to genius of C&H or The Onion, I've decided to branch out. Patently False will be all absurdity, all the time -- a resounding yes to this post's title. To combat ambiguity, I put a disclaimer right in the title.

The Organization

Also, I've decided to go ultra-lightweight: headlines only, on Twitter. On Google Reader, I've noticed that The Onion can make me laugh with a good headline. Sometimes, the stories seem like a forced, obligatory exercise.

There is a blog site, with an official introduction and explanation of the interrobang, but for now that is mostly a holding area.

The Upshot

Subscribe today.... I reserve the right to do longer, full spoof pieces on CodeToJoy: this blog won't change. After all, the nation of The Joyous must be served!


Eric Burke said...

so....@patentlyfalse is fake?

Anonymous said...
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