Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I love the Deep Fried Bytes, man!

(The title of this post comes from a quote by Dick Wall, professing his love for Groovy in the face of charges to the contrary.)

A while back (on Twitter), I made a comment about the podcast Deep Fried Bytes. There was a brief exchange with the guys at DFB: it was friendly, but I felt like we weren't communicating. I allow that to happen 2-3 times before I bail and use email or the blog.

(Random tangent: It is mystifying why others try to debate religion or politics in 140 chars. It comes across as an intellectual boxing fight, except with Nerf gloves. Or an obscure debate between two Zen masters).

I first heard of the podcast during a talk by Ken Sipe (on F#). I loaded up on episodes for F#, C#, and some other Microsoft technologies. I'm not proud of this, but I'm not familiar with the dotNet space; I haven't used Visual Studio in years.

I loved the podcasts because they were geeky, but also because the topics are a new world to me. I felt like a spy listening in on a secure line. This is not a criticism: the 'casts are a great way to catch up on what is happening over there.

I have since learned that the podcast isn't solely Microsoft: e.g. they have a great episode on architecture with a guy from Digg, one with the Rails Rumble champs, and so on. Also, the April 1 podcast is simply brilliant.

So, I invite you to join me and sit on the porch with these guys and have some iced tea. They have asked me about some topics of interest but I refuse to offer any: I want them to surprise me and stretch my boundaries.

Keep up the good work, mates.


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KeithElder said...

Thanks for tuning in and sticking with us!