Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Language Shootout At Lambda Lounge

Gmail has been recommending "vending machines" ads to me for some weeks now.

Here's why: the Lambda Lounge has issued the Vending Machine exercise as a way to showcase the idioms of different languages (and there has been good discussions on the mailing list, hence the Google ads).

If you are in St Louis, drop by on Thursday night (details here), to see some live demos! There are a wide variety of languages on display.

For best results, take a shot with a language of your choice. Though somewhat behind, I've been working on a Groovy version.

Stay tuned to the website (or the mailing list) to find resources to examples.

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Alex Miller said...

By the way, the mailing list is private and we generally constrain the mailing list to those who actually attend the meetings. That is a policy we could reconsider if people wanted to.