Saturday, December 6, 2008

Lambda Lounge Lures Legion of Licentious Linguists

As many others have mentioned, the first meeting at the Lambda Lounge was a big hit! It was clear from the turnout (30+) that (a) a lot of people have a thirst for something more exotic than Java and (b) the IT community in StL is thriving and sophisticated. We all agreed that we are 'promiscuous' regarding computer languages (hence the post title).

Appistry served as gracious host and formed a fitting backdrop for the evening, and the vibe was palpable; there was an energy similar to the NFJS conferences.

The content was excellent stuff: Matt Taylor discussed categories and mixins in Groovy; Ryan Senior gave an overview of OCaml.

Overheard at the meeting (paraphrased) :

  • Java is wonderful, boring, and the new COBOL, all at the same time. (Editor's note: perhaps it is the new C ?)
  • I wish OCaml didn't use # as the prompt. I feel like we're the root user and something crazy is about to happen.
  • 10 years ago, we turned out in gatherings like this because we were stoked about Java. Now we turn out to get away from Java.
  • The opposite of a functional language is a dysfunctional language.
  • They should name OCaml's web framework to be ODromedary.
Bottom-line: Come on out to the January meeting if you want a piece of this. Time well spent with cool people.

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