Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Child suspended for EJB taunt

CtJ Newswire
Parody City
December 3, 2008

A district schoolboard reported today that a Grade 2 student has been suspended indefinitely for calling his teacher "the EJB of school" in class.

The announcement comes on the heels of a heated exchange between the teacher and the student as to whether cursive writing was important.

The principal of the school, Edgar J. Boyle, provided a brief statement: "We aren't exactly sure what EJB is, but after consulting with the IT industry, we understand that it implies a high degree of excess proportion and baroque complexity, ultimately leading to failure. In some circles, it is a taunt of the highest order. We believe this kind of language was learned in the home, but we refuse to stand for it in the classroom."

There is no word if the parents will appeal the decision, despite rumors of a protest website being constructed with Grails, a nascent IT solution.


Matthew Taylor said...

Strong parody sauce.

Nate said...

This is awesome!

Please amp it up a little bit, though.

Tony said...

Thanks for the laugh, cheap shots at easy targets!!! :-D

S├ębastien said...

Priceless! :)

Anonymous said...

Isn't an indefinite suspension a bit harsh for a child who was probably just venting his frustration. I have a child in grade two. I wouldn't be surprised if he took some obscure phrase of mine and used it out of context with a teacher. Then, the teacher needs to talk to him, not suspend him.

Mario said...

I say the kid had it coming. We adults have been putting up with insubordinate children for too damn long. I think the kid should be compelled to read the entire EJB spec and then use any of the 6.x versions of WebLogic for the remainder of the school year.... Little bastards!

SDC said...

I got paddled by a nun once for comparing her to Cobol. I am old.

Fabio Pereira said...

This was totally awesome!
I think I will teach my nephew to call his teacher a "The Waterfall of School..." to see what happens... lol

Fabio Pereira said...

Hey dude,

I just posted a cartoon with this story... check it out:

I cross referenced you on my blog.