Friday, July 27, 2007

Stuff That Happened: Blog Bankruptcy

CtJ Editorial
Artistic License, MO
July 2007

Eric Burke is alive and well. Sources tell the CtJ newsdesk that he is tanned and well-rested.

However, his blog Stuff That Happens has a recent post that the site will be no more. Call it Blog Bankruptcy.

The move has raised eyebrows throughout the tech blog community. The site was a successful, interesting mix of strong technical insight, moderately humorous asides, and the occasional pointed rant. With its medley of content, the blog was an archetype for a new generation of "post-modern" tech blogs, as exemplified by Code to Joy.

For many, though, the announcement is the final denouement of a steady slide of the blog persona. After years of success, and a remarkable peak of innovation with the now-famous "I *heart* POJOs" post, the blog began to descend into the abyss. Consider the final weeks:

  • A contest inviting people to send stuff to his open-sourced snail mail address
  • A contest inviting guest writers to debate a topic -- any topic
  • Ambiguous use of the term craptastic
  • A mini-series on screencasting, with a conclusion that involves an unusual penchant for working with bamboo floors and the quote "I'm quitting computers"
Sad, but true. A seemingly desperate blogger who, like a slumping baseball player, swings for the fences on the first pitch. The persona evolved into a theme of a maniacal despot of a tiny island nation, giving deranged orders to puzzled generals and lieutenants.

A Ruse?

Is it a ploy? Some kind of grand scheme in the vein of American comedian/performance artist Andy Kaufman ?

Will "Stuff" return -- perhaps as a new blog? Can someone who writes such passionate rants actually walk away from the pulpit? The author is strong in Swing, concurrency, and other aspects of Java -- can he suffer the slings and bugs of outrageous JDK libraries and not tell the world?

Who knows.... But a tip of the hat to venerable Stuff That Happens, and an invitation for its readers to join the orchestra at Code to Joy. Come along, it'll be joyous!


Eric Burke said...

You obviously photoshopped that question mark into my authentic "The End" sign.

Anonymous said...

Haha, funny.