Thursday, July 12, 2007

Easter's Corollary to The Miller Principle

First, check out the sublime, brilliantly phrased Miller Principle. I humbly submit the following...

Easter's Corollary: Everyone scans.

Scanning is like Reading Lite: all of the eye movement, without that cognitive aftertaste. With the hectic pace of today's society, and the e-torrents of text, scanning is a great way to almost upload information into our consciousness.

The act of scanning is addictive, as people feel justified in commenting on something they nearly read.

Office synonyms for "scan" include "peruse", "check out", and "take a peek".

Example usage: "I wanted to choose a web framework for the new portal project for Finance, so I scanned the Readme file of Acme WebSoft. Looks pretty solid to me."

1 comment:

Alex said...

Looks solid, but then I just scanned it.