Friday, July 6, 2007

Raising the Blog Bar

With the wildly successful 'Win a Sticker' contest, CodeToJoy has been enjoying its place at the fore of tech blog innovation. A mix of tech insight and entertainment has pleased readers from all over the world.

However, there's no rest for the witty. In the last week, we've seen these events:

  • Weiqi Gao, with his Friday quiz, introduced an entry from a correspondent. Zounds! Team work, no less. Weiqi is leveraging his readership by out-sourcing ideas to his esteemed readers.
  • Eric Burke has pushed the boundaries of the tech vernacular by introducing us to obscure terms like "Yak Shaving" and (wait for it) "Craptastic". Like a jazz improv singer riffing on the English language: a scatological scat.
  • DES introduces a wee lil' pebble, the wiiStone, before the partnership was official!
And now this:
  • Eric Burke has open-sourced his address. Although it may be a scam to procure more USB microphones, it seems like a genuine attempt to raise the bar of blogs with a new contest.
It won't be easy to stay ahead of all of these developments, but CodeToJoy is committed to excellence. You are on notice, gentlemen!

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