Friday, January 8, 2010

Grails tip for internet connections

I encountered the following issue when configuring Grails, and am posting in case it helps anyone via The Google. Thanks to Matt Taylor for the info.

If you receive this error message for a grails command:

Error reading remote plugin list [Connection timed out: connect], building locally...
Unable to list plugins, please check you have a valid internet connection:
Connection timed out: connect

you may think the plugin site is down. Probably not: it's more likely that you're behind a proxy server. Try this command:

grails set-proxy

To determine the values requested, do the following steps:
  • In FireFox, go to Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> Settings and find the value for 'Automatic proxy configuration URL'
  • View the URL and determine the values used for your IP


Brian Gilstrap said...

A CLASSIC (arguably archetypical) Type II* blog post. Thanks!

*Taxonomy of Technical Blog Posts

Anonymous said...

helped me a bit. thanks much!

Anonymous said...