Monday, January 11, 2010

Easter's Eggs for Groovy

This blog receives many hits for "Groovy file" and "Groovy IO". To help newbies with Groovy, and for my own reference, I've started a small project over on GitHub called Easter's Eggs for Groovy. (Note: You don't need an account to download the project.)

No, these eggs are not hidden tricks to unlock functionality. Define an "egg" to be a small example to get you started with an idea. This project has some basic eggs for Groovy. It is by no means exhaustive, but does offer the following:

  • eggs for Groovy collection methods, regex's, and IO
  • examples of testing in Groovy. In fact, most of the code is in the tests!
  • a build structure using Gant
Please let me know if there are any examples you'd like to see, or if this is useful for you.


David Jacobs said...

Cool idea. I love the "Easter's Eggs" name. I just ran a domain search, and it is available in .com, .org and .info. Hint, hint!

Michael Easter said...

Thanks, David! I dunno about a dedicated site... I already have 2 domains languishing in obscurity ;-)

David Jacobs said...

You mean you have investments in two internet properties, currently protected from public scrutiny. ;-)

Maybe I should buy the domain, impersonate you, and commence a drama-filled battle with daily public updates to #easterseggs. By time you win a cease-and-desist order and I hand over the domain ownership, it will be non-obscure...ready for a big launch of a recipe site perfectly branded to introduce a new conceptual category for open-source contributions: the egg.

Step 29: EggCarton Grails Plugin
Step 78: Profit!

Michael Easter said...

re: Faux To Joy/impersonation.

Hmmm... now that Twittch seems to have evaporated, I _do_ have an opening for an online fake nemesis ;-)

Alas, if only step #78 were so easy