Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Get Gregarious: Grok Griffon at Gateway Groovy Group

First, you should meet the nascent Gateway Groovy User Group: it has been started by Dave Klein, a friend, upcoming JavaOne speaker, and all-around class act.

On Wednesday night, March 11, the GGUG will feature Matt Taylor, speaking on Griffon. Matt is not only a friend but also an excellent speaker and is seriously involved in Groovy, working for G2One/SpringSource. As I understand it, Griffon is a Grails-like framework for desktop applications.

Cool people, an interesting topic, and free: that's hard to beat. Come on out and socialize! I'll see you there.

ps. For the artistic types, Griffon is having a logo contest until March 22. Imagine the fame if you won...

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Matthew Taylor said...

Thanks for the plug, my good man.