Thursday, November 20, 2008

Car-pooling with eBay, Erlang, and Haskell

I bought a new stereo for my car, and I'm enjoying listening to tech podcasts on my commute and errands.

My favourite is still the beguiling Java Posse, but I have been extremely impressed with Software Engineering Radio. This is world-class stuff. Be sure to check out the episodes with eBay's Randy Shoup, Erlang guru Joe Armstrong, and Haskell maven Simon Peyton Jones.

Outstanding. I'm going to be donating to the cause via PayPal.


Moandji Ezana said...

I listen to those two podcasts quasi-religiously, as well. Are there even any other good Java-oriented ones?

Michael Easter said...

Good question, Moandji. I don't know of any others on Java. It might be a good question to put up on Twitter.

Moandji Ezana said...

I'd forgotten the ones Andy Glover does irregularly on JavaWorld, and InformIT has some as well. Kind of slim pickings.