Friday, September 26, 2008

Timeout bug with Corba and Java

Just in case this helps anyone searching The Google:

If you see an error message like this (snipped):

WARNING: (COMM_FAILURE) Read of full message failed : bytes requested = X bytes read = Y max wait time = 3,000 total time spent waiting = 3,190

and are using Java 1.5+ with CORBA, then be sure to check out this post.

Essentially, it involves a timeout value on a socket. Changing this property:


is the key, as described in the linked post. Mercifully, we came across this quickly during a recent troubleshooting. It could have consumed days.


Anonymous said...

Can you use JacORB instead?

Michael Easter said...

@anon. From my understanding, JacORB is excellent but this was found very late in a dev cycle -- far too late to bring in such a major change.

Matthew O. Smith said...

Thanks, this is just what I needed to see.