Friday, March 28, 2008

Your Parents are making me buy a Mac

I've needed a new computer for awhile, and I've been long debating some issues. One is laptop versus desktop, but the primary issue is To Mac or Not To Mac.

There have been plenty of reasons to consider going with Apple:

  • For years, the NFJS gang of hoodlums have been touting the Macbook Pro. I can't tell you how many impromptu, unpaid testimonials I've seen in the middle of a presentation.
  • OCI has a sizable, passionate group of Mac folks. I've heard a rumour that they want to change the local traffic light near OCI HQ to be horizontal and Aqua: like the OS X window buttons (not really).
  • If Charlie Rose can take one for the team when falling, so as to protect his Macbook Air, then surely I can learn to use one mouse button.
  • The brick-and-mortar Apple Store is a temple for materialism: I am absolutely sucked in by the products, the ambience, and gorgeous lighting. Against the backdrop of bland Banana Republics, Foot Lockers, and food courts, The Store stands out like a beacon in the mist: an oasis of cheerful, productive humanity in an otherwise bleak and desolate existence. During a visit, I believe that I will be successful, cool, happy -- nay, complete -- if only I surrender to the inevitable and swipe that credit card.
Powerful stuff. But the real deal-maker is the following:

  • I have heard N developers vow, after independent episodes of installing a new computer for their parents, that they want to have nothing to do with Vista.

That's my tipping point: N is sufficiently large. I'm seeking asylum from Vista, without even having tried it. (Send me the hate mail. Until I get the Mac, I'm lonely.)

I can't bear the thought of more Windows problems. I have not done my homework on my current Windows problems (I've been meaning to really understand the Registry for years now) and the issues simply accrue.

I need brand-new problems (I'm sure OS X has some?) and a fresh start.

I'll report on The Purchase and how things are going. And I'll send your folks a thank-you.


ps. Yes, Linux is an option. I do own SuSe here at CtJ HQ but I'm simply caught in an iTractorBeam.


Alex Miller said...

Well, I tried desperately to divert my parents from buying another crappy PC and failed. And now I lose about 1 night a month trying to debug some crazy Windows issue remotely, usually with some obscure hardware or software that is actually bundled with the Mac. Drives me crazy.

I did manage to talk them into "upgrading" to XP when they bought it from Vista so it could be worse I guess.

Anonymous said...

If you're OK with keeping the same hardware, I'd suggest giving the Ubuntu 8.04 beta a go. Even though it is still beta, it's shaping up quite nicely. And you get to use all three mouse buttons :)

Unknown said...

ignore comments about mouse buttons the mac will use 2, 3, or even 5 or more if the mouse has them. and the mac makes a killer java development platform.

also, the macbookpro has a DVI output which is a great feature in a laptop.

rhyolight said...

Mike, I just bought a macbook pro for the new job, and I don't regret. It's true what they say...

Once you go Mac, you never go back.

Anonymous said...

I fell off the apple cart after the Apple II+ days - been on the WinTel treadmill from Win 3.11 every since ... except this year - for about 3 weeks I was schizophrenic about a sweatheart deal Lenovo VS a Macbookpro. In the end, I put my money down on the mac.

VMware Fusion for certain platforms/apps, and I've been good to go.

It sounds corny, but the sense of freedom felt is undeniable (cue the 'I for one welcome our Apple over-lords' slashdotian throw-away line).

Hm, maybe it's just the relief of escaping the clutches of Vista.

Lex Luethor said...

I'm late arriving to this topic, but it struck a chord.

In February 2007 I bought new HP laptops for Mrs. L and myself but had nothing but problems with them to the extent that, the following August, having not even finished paying off the HPs, I went out and bought us both Macbooks (a Pro for me and black one her (it's what she wanted)). We were both new to Macs, but within month we were both 100% converts. As apple says, [just about] everything you need right out of the box.

My parents however were another story. Issue after issue after issue with their Gateway/eMachine and assorted, no-name Costco peripherals, and I was always the the one they called for help. I couldn't convince them to make the switch to a Mac however, because a) "this one is only 5 years old" and b) they were afraid of of anything new. So, when their 50th anniversary rolled around last fall, I took forced the issue and bought them an iMac. I setup their wireless and their printer that first week-end and I haven't had a support call since (it really helps if you don't give their accounts authority to install anything).

It looks cool and it works. What more could you ask?

Michael Easter said...

@ LL. Thanks for the note... You bringing people to the Promised Land!

I haven't really converted any family, but I can report that I bought a MBP on April 08 (see other posts) and so far, so good. Stuff just works