Sunday, March 23, 2008

Members of the CodeToJoy Nation

(Ed's note: We are suffering from illness at CtJ HQ, so time for some lighter fare.)

At the recent NFJS stuff conference, I met a developer, Seth, who:

  • regularly sees a car in his neighbourhood with a "I *heart* POJOs" sticker
  • has a cube neighbour who proudly displays his allegiance to CodeToJoy (via a sticker)
Naturally, Seth was given his own sticker. No word yet if it adorns his vehicle.

The upshot: slowly, but surely, the CodeToJoy Nation is growing. A merry, rag-tag band of developers bound not by nationality, not by language, but by the credo of the Joyous:

Putting the Thrill back in Code.

Some examples follow.

An international operative visits the mini-Eiffel Tower in Lyon, France:

A Joyous vehicle proudly sings the tune....

See contact info on the margin if you're interested in joining CtJ Nation: I'll send you a free sticker.

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