Thursday, February 28, 2008

Coming Soon: No Fluff Just Stuff 2008

Background/Disclaimer: I have attended 6 NFJS's and received some nice schwag (a bomber jacket). The first 4 years, I worked with a previous employer. Since then, I've been employed by an affiliate of a sponsor. My views are my solely mine (but you knew that).

The last few weekends have been rather busy with (indoor) triathlons, and I'm happy to note that the next weekend will be busy as well: I'm attending the big show at the NFJS Gateway Software Symposium.

I look forward to NFJS like a major rock concert. Actually, there are many similarities:

  • Many fans have a "concert number". e.g. "Dude, I've seen Dave Matthews 12 times". My NFJS number will soon be 7. I believe that's all of the St Louis events.
  • There will never be a recording medium that can compare to live music: partly because of acoustics and partly because of the energy of a congregation. Same thing for tech talks. I love the feeling of being with geeks.
  • As is well-documented, NFJS tours all over, with a motley crew of talented speakers. I heard that they once trashed a conference venue because they found brown M&M's in a bowl near a projector (not really).
So I'm looking forward to the mayhem this time around... It will be fun to see the likes of Ted Neward and Scott Davis again, along with great local speakers (and friends): e.g. Alex Miller, Jeff Brown, and Mark Volkmann. (Jeff and Mark are fellow OCIers, a sponsor).

Let me know if you are attending, and especially if you want a CodeToJoy sticker! codetojoy @t gmail

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