Tuesday, December 11, 2007

JetBrains Gets It

There was a tidbit couched in the recent announcement about Groovy 1.5: there is a joint compiler that eases the compilation of projects that use both Groovy and Java.

I want to highlight that JetBrains contributed it.

I have no affiliation with the company. I simply think that is very cool and a savvy business move with respect to goodwill.

From the Open Musings Department:

As I write this, I was about to joke that the joint compiler code might have an advertisement in the comments:

// "Brought to you by JetBrains, makers of Idea"

Maybe that's an idea? Hockey rinks, race cars, and baseball parks are plastered with ads: what if open-source projects allowed (regulated) ads in (a) the comments or (b) the startup console. Would that encourage contributions? Would it cause political issues? Hmmm.....


Eric Burke said...

All those JavaBlogs views...so few comments. :-(

I'm stuck on IDEA 6. Just can't stomach the $250 upgrade for a personal license that only lasts a year. Maybe if the next version includes something like a great profiler (like NetBeans?) I'll consider again then.

Lance said...

Actually, Eric, the upgrade cost is only $150, not $250 ($250 is the non-upgrade cost). Also, JetBrains a $50 discount for those who attend jug meetings. So, could you stomach that?

I jumped from 5.1 to 7.0, and I think it was well worth it. The additional inspections and the vastly improved svn integration have more than paid for the cost.

Michael Easter said...

Thanks for the notes, guys...

My main point is that IntelliJ contributed something back to the Groovy community.

As an enterprise though, I think that it's cool that they offer free licenses to JUG speakers and one as a door prize. Smart.

Re: $, it is steep but at least the product is good enough to make it a true dilemma.

That said, I use Eclipse at home and at my current client gig :-) It's excellent and you can't beat free.