Sunday, September 16, 2007

Tycoons of Screen Real Estate

An Investigative Report
Exclusive to CodeToJoy
September 2007

CodeToJoy recently went on location to a local IT shop to investigate, in the words of one developer, an "arms race" of screen real estate.

All developers know the luxury and productivity gains of having two monitors. Some time ago, an enterprising developer supplemented standard-issue corporate equipment with a personal monitor. Not to be out done, teammates soon followed.

Before long, the 2 monitor barrier -- long considered a theoretical limit -- was broken. Said one coder, "Yeah, things kind of escalated".

Months later, we now document -- for the first time -- the culmination of this pixel parade, these Monitor Mansions.

Dear readers, here are The Tycoons of Screen Real Estate, and their design patterns. No photo editing has been used. These are real cubes with displays for a single computer.

The Letterbox

The Sports Bar

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Mike Fondo said...

Wow, that "Letterbox" fellow is amazing. He (I'll make a wild guess and assume it's a "he" and not a "she") definitely deserves a big medal, trophy, or cash reward for being so great.