Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Art of Flame War: DoS Attack

Every night is Halloween on the Internet -- Anon

'Twas a dandy day for dueling posts about various technologies. Unfortunately, the flame war du jour is extraordinarily vacant: no insight, neither satire nor parody, and no bumper stickers :-O It's not even especially funny (though a recent parody post got a chuckle).

Website hits are the currency of the tech blogosphere, except there are no debits: only credits.

Counter flame-bait, posts of outrage, etc only offer up more hits and service the ego of the originator. There is no bad PR, as they say (especially if you have a book coming out).

From this corner: no links, no names, no outrage. Just a yawn of indifference.

Denial of (ego) service starts now, as I turn the page. Join me!

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