Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Las Vegas Lobbies for Java 6 on Leopard

CtJ Newswire
Las Vegas, Nevada


With the recent news that Java 6 is absent from the Leopard edition of Mac OS X, CodeToJoy reporters went on location to Las Vegas. In the world-famous district known as The Strip, people protested in the streets, appealing directly to Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

Carrying signs that read "Java 6 for Leopard / Steve, hear our cry", the protesters staged a rally that spilled throughout The Strip and went on late into the night. Many people had traveled far and wide for the event, including such remote locales as Australia and Wyoming.

In the midst of the turmoil, Apple maintained its policy of secrecy. There were no reps at the protest, and text messages, intended for Steve Jobs, went unanswered, though possibly because his contact info was not at hand.

Organizers of the protest felt that the outing was ultimately a success. Only time will tell if Apple will respond to the lobby.


Brian Gilstrap said...

I think Steve doesn't respond to pretty women in the same way you or I do. I applaud the effort though... :-)

grandfatha said...

You, sir, are a genius.

Anonymous said...

This would be more believable as not staged if you picked any other city but Las Vegas.

It is highly doubtful that anybody in that town even knows what Java is, and suspect that they could read the stickers, except for the tourists.

Anonymous said...

These women look like "mmhh... feeding coffee to an animal, how weird.."

Michael Easter said...

@Brian, Daniel. Merci merci

@Anon. I can't speak to Java, but the locals understood 'irony' and 'satire' just fine. Vegas 1 Anon 0

Michael Easter said...

@Anon #2. Some of them are geeks and all of them quickly got the gist of the stunt.

They were all gracious, witty, and a pleasure to talk to.