Wednesday, December 18, 2013

I Just Want A Foothold Example In.... Ruby

I've participated in a few paired coding sessions this year (such as Legacy Code Retreat and Global Day of Coderetreat), and I've experienced the pain of setting up an environment for a new language. It's not necessarily rocket surgery, but for a newbie, it's brutal.

Recently, I've been interested in trying out Ruby (I've always reached for either Groovy or Python first, but after meeting many, many sharp peeps who use it, it's time). To get started, I looked around on the web, but examples seem to jump from code snippets to full frameworks with little in between.

What I really want (for all languages) is a foothold: a simple project that has the usual aspects (code organization, unit-tests, automated build) laid out in an idiomatic way.

In case it helps anyone, I've posted my attempt at a foothold: War-O in Ruby, as a contribution to PEI Devs. It's a work-in-progress, and I'm still a newbie, so feedback is welcome.


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