Monday, October 12, 2009

Ignorance is Bliss

Like many, I have loved Calvin and Hobbes for a long time. Not that this blog compares, but the spoofs on here are influenced by Calvin's weird, wonderful world where we only bounded by our imaginations.

I recently found a post that contains, my all-time favourite C&H. I probably shouldn't encourage a likely violation of copyright, but I'm weak. I've tried, in vain, to describe this one to people dozens of times. I laugh out loud (especially the visual of frame 5, "I don't want to know about it") every time since I first saw it in the early 1990s.

This comic is such biting satire toward software development that I no longer hang it up at work gigs, lest it is interpreted as some kind of protest.

The genius is that it has no ties to IT: a friend once commented that her mother, a judge, had it laminated and placed prominently on her refrigerator. Truly philosophical, it is timeless and universal.

I love Dilbert too, but if I had to choose: you can keep it. Give me Calvin and Hobbes, please. I only wish that Watterson would come out of retirement and do a few more, whenever his muse strikes.


Michael Easter said...

ps. If someone sends me a legit link to the particular comic, I'll happily edit the post. I know there are some "daily comic" sites featuring Calvin, but I haven't been able to find this one, and have never been sure of the copyright.

MYOFB said...
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Anonymous said...

I loved Calvin and Hobbes. Whimsical and fantastical art - the man was truly a genius in his own right. I have all of the books.

Calvin and Hobbes and Bloom County. My two favorite strips. Nothing compares to either.

Michelle Creason, RN, BSN