Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Strange Loop (Why You Need To Be In St Louis, Oct 09)

Alex Miller is organizing a terrific conference in St Louis (October 2009). Check out all the details over at the website.

If you are in the midwest USA, you won't find a better value. Hell, if you are on another continent, you won't find a better value. Come on over.

You may think I'm biased, but check out the session list, and see for yourself. Lots of interesting, off-the-beaten-path stuff by first class speakers, with even more to be announced: I believe the 'Strange Passions' track is still open.

Alex envisioned an esoteric conference that he would like to attend -- and the dream is forming right before our eyes. Check it out!

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rhyolight said...

Here is a crazy thing. I have only been to one NFJS conference. I really enjoyed it, but I can't just spend $1000 willy-nilly.

This conference is going to be way cooler than an NFJS show, and it is ONLY SEVENTY FIVE DOLLARS ($75.00).

You can't get a better deal than that. It suddenly opens up the conference to many, many more interesting people.