Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Thursday Night's Alright for Byting

If you're in St Louis, have had it with the discipline, and want to get a little action in, then check out these events:

Thursday, Feb 5, there is only one game in town: the burgeoning Lambda Lounge will feature talks on Javascript (from an FP perspective) by Nate Young, and Actor concurrency in Erlang by Alex Miller (speaker at NFJS, Java One, and occasionally outside, at the corner of Terra and Cotta).

Thursday, Feb 12, the venerable StL JUG features another NFJS speaker, Ken Sipe, with a talk on Spring 3 Annotations.

For more write-ups, events, and a great local calendar, see this post over at Alex Miller's blog. There is a lot going on in the coming weeks in the "Gateway Valley". Come on out and take real steps towards diversifying your career!

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