Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Don't Attend the St Louis JUG meetings

This isn't reverse psychology. It behooves me if you don't attend the St Louis JUG meetings. Several sponsors give away schwag and the quality has gone up substantially in recent months.

My chances are clearly improved if you don't attend. So seriously: just stay at home idly firing dopaminergic neurons by playing Guitar Hero or Twittering with your new online pals. Wheels down on the couch!

Bonus: if you don't attend this month's presentation, you'll miss a presentation on Classloaders by my friend and colleague, Charles Sharp. That leaves more time for me to ask questions.


Anonymous said...

The rest of us chumps can stay home with our dictionaries, learning the correct usage of the verb "to behoove" ;-)

Michael Easter said...

re: behoove. Touche' ! Well done. I won't fix the post so that the retort stays relevant.

Scott Bale said...

Nice try, but I'll be there!

Unknown said...

I don't understand the comment from anonymous. (coward!!!) I looked up behoove and your usage seems perfectly fine to me. The example in the dictionary was even "it behooves us to go"

Michael Easter said...

@Eric. I checked again and it does seem correct. thanks!

I saw 'transitive verb' in the definition and wrongly thought that meant passive voice (e.g. "it would behoove me"). But clearly transitivity is different from that.

FWIW, I am generally too quick to assume that critical comments are correct.