Sunday, June 1, 2008

What to do with old hardware?

The Java Posse recently had an interesting spot on the topic of old hardware: recycling and/or donating to schools etc.

This is a timely topic for me as I have an aging, beastly CRT monitor. I am dreading the thought of moving it from my apartment: it is heavy enough to be a bugger for one person, yet too small for me to actually ask for help lifting it.

I can probably hoist the thing into my car, but it would be nice to know that I am risking major back pain for a good cause.

For the locals: does anyone know of a place in St Louis that accepts old hardware for either recycling or re-purposing (pardon my verbing) ?

For others: what do you do? I'd be willing to consider shipping charges to send it somewhere in the US.

Hmmm.... The real question: is there a website that co-ordinates such organizations? A site where you click on the map and it lists the various places for this kind of thing. (Aside from straight-up Google, Google Maps, etc).


Weiqi Gao said...

The last time I blogged about electronics recycling, it's about
which was featured on Channel 4.

People also mentioned
as possible alternatives.

Office Depot offered free electronics recycling a couple years ago. I took advantage of that and dumped a whole bunch of old stuff, including my dot-matrix printer, there. They did not repeat that program in recent years. But they do sell e-recycling boxes, which you can fill and return to the store:

Mark Volkmann said...

Here's another option, but it's in St. Charles.

Michael Easter said...

Thanks, gents! These are great....

jake said... works too. Kinda seems beta-y, like they haven't completed the finishing touches.