Monday, October 22, 2007

Jargon Watch: PragProgged


To joyfully convey a novel idea with respect to software development, only to discover, via research or conversation, that said thought is merely a variation of a concept already eloquently expressed in that damn book, The Pragmatic Programmer.

E.g. Cool, but my friend, isn't that the same theme as in that book? I think you've been PragProgged.

ps. A pox on your houses, Andrew Hunt and Dave Thomas! That's right: may you suffer plain old XML for the rest of your days!


Eric Burke said...

Trolling for a Dave Thomas link?

Michael Easter said...

re: trolling?

Not for Dave Thomas. I was hoping to catch the ire of the CFC lightbulb crowd re: exploding lightbulb.

" CFCs don't cost much more plus photos of them cost the same so why didn't you use one of them? "

(In truth, I had a fine idea for a blog post based on some real-world experience. As I scurried around the web getting links ready, I realized that the idea was already covered thoroughly.)