Sunday, June 10, 2007

Coming soon.... A Contest for Readers

The readers of Code to Joy aren't fools: they demand more than the usual geek discussion and humor on their tech blogs. They want innovation and creativity!

And so Code to Joy is pleased to announce a new contest idea: Win a Sticker.

The first contest will be announced soon, but here are the rules, for reference:

  • Readers are invited to submit a brief answer to a Contest Question. The answer may be an honest technical insight, or witty: it's up to you. (Note: this contest is for writing; it is not a coding contest.)
  • Winners will receive a sticker! The winning entries are judged for eloquence or wit, subject to the mood and taste of the judge(s). All selections are final.
  • To celebrate the international following of Code to Joy, there will be no more than one winner per country.
  • Entries should be sent to "codetojoy" at Google's email (gmail). Blog comments are welcome but not eligible for prizes.
Stay tuned...

Here's some more info of note:
  • This is a fun experiment. Despite a "grandiose writing style", this blog is not a business.
  • The winner is wholly responsible for the use of the prize. I would not recommend putting the sticker on one's car.
  • Participants must agree to allow their entry be posted to this site.
  • The number of winners will be small. i.e. not every country will necessarily be represented.
  • Winners will be contacted for their shipping info. Code To Joy pays shipping. No information will be retained or shared.

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