Tuesday, May 29, 2007

void javaBlog() throws TeenSpeakException;

Some lines are too good to pass up. I have spent paragraphs trying to explain the sea change toward simplicity in Java. I should have taken the "grade 9" approach:

I *heart* POJOs.

as coined on Eric Burke's blog.

If someone makes bumper stickers from this, I want royalties. Eric just couched it in a post; I'm the visionary.

I'm also claiming:
  • OMG, Junit, BFF!
  • Be thread safe: POS!
Actually, this could have legs.... feel free to add your own!


Mike Venneman said...

You definitely have to run with this one, MEaster!

Go to MakeSticker.com and make your own. I have never done this, but there are a lot of simple templates to choose from and you can upload your own graphics. There is no minimum quantity.

I suggest you get some, have some contests on here, and give them away as prizes.

Keep up the good stuff!

Mike Venneman said...

Here's one that even "friends of geeks" can enjoy...