Sunday, April 22, 2007

Alligators versus Crocodiles

Marvin, it's back! Get the book... we'll settle if this is an alligator or a crocodile once and for all!

This is a favorite Far Side cartoon, as it is highly relevant to geeks and especially pair-programming.

I have started using the term "alligators versus crocodiles" for contentious debates on issues that don't merit the passion, and yet are not trivial "religious wars" (e.g. brace placement).

A former XP pair-partner and I have a dandy "alligators versus crocodiles" issue. We had a clear disagreement on it, and every so often our daily work would suddenly ignite into a (somewhat) heated debate. As one wag put it:

The passions are so high, because the stakes are so small.

Our particular issue involves Guard Clauses. Soon, I hope to post argument for and against this refactoring pattern.

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